Blog 4 – January Blog

January can be overwhelming for many people. The start of a new year can bring up worries about feeling behind or big decisions that need to be made. As someone with both autism and an eating disorder I can relate to these feelings. In this blog I'm going to cover some common difficulties and ways that these can be overcome! 

As January begins, the usual new year resolutions will start to become popular. When you have an eating disorder, this can trigger difficulties and thoughts about your weight, comparison and food. My best advice for this would be to take some time off of social media. As fun as it can be to scroll, you need to put your recovery first. Making positive steps to separate yourself from triggers will help you maintain recovery and get closer to your goals. It can be helpful to revisit your motivators and your "why" for recovery. 

Thinking about the future will often lead to overthinking and having unrealistic expectations of ourselves. This can cause negative self images and won't help in the long term. To overcome this it is helpful to set SMART Goals. These are goals that are realistic and have enough detail to help you check if you are making progress (aka not being arbitrary or vague). Planning your routine can help you feel stable and can help visualise where you can put your new habits into your day. Using apps (like dotetimer) can aid this process. 

Thanks for reading the blog and wishing you all the best for 2024. 

If you or a loved one need help please reach out (asking for help is brave)

Samaritans - 116 123 

Beat eating disorders charity:

England - 0808 801 0677 

Scotland - 0808 801 0432

Wales - 0808 801 0433

Northern Ireland - 0808 801 0434

Email support for England:

Email support for Scotland:

Email support for Wales:

Email support for Northern Ireland:

If you or a loved one need immediate help call 999 or attend A&E.