Aspire Psychological Services Ltd was founded in early 2015 by Dr Nikki Hill, Clinical Psychologist, to provide a specialist bespoke service for looked after and adopted children. Since then, following an increase in demand, the service has expanded and are able to offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of the children and young people, their families, homes and the wider organisations.

The team at Aspire strive to provide person centred care which is flexible and adaptive to meet the needs of the young person, their family and carers alongside acknowledging the requirements of the service and regulatory bodies.

We believe in the importance of timely, early intervention and preventative practice in order to reduce the disruption and impact of difficulties and challenges upon the young person and those caring for them.

We work across all levels of the system including birth families, staff teams, foster carers, social workers, teachers and senior management teams.

Our team of experts are skilled in the assessment, formulation and care planning to establish a person centred care package to meet the social, emotional and behavioural needs of the individual.

We are able to offer a range of psychological assessments including attachment, cognitive functioning, emotional wellbeing, ASD and PTSD.

Our therapists are trained and highly experienced in delivering a range of therapies in a variety of settings, all of which draw upon evidence based models including CBT, DBT, DDP, CAT and EMDR.

We promote the importance and effectiveness of the consultation model whereby we provide consultation, advice, training and support with the aim of promoting a shared psychological understanding of the needs of the young person, drawing on a range of theories and models including attachment, trauma and child development including theories on neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD.

We offer a range of specialist training and workshops – aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of those who work with and care for young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties alongside neurodevelopmental disorders.

We believe in the importance of regular monitoring and evaluating young people’s progress and draw on nationally recognised tools to regularly evaluate and monitor the psychological, social and behavioural wellbeing of young people in order to provide evidence for placing authorities, internal quality assurance and regulators such as Ofsted and to encourage the young person to see their strengths and progress.

We continually keep up to date with research and development in psychology and child & adolescent mental health, via membership of professional bodies’ ongoing training and education.  We also undertake research in-house.


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