Educational Support Services

kids-1093758_1920Aspire Psychological Services recognises the importance of supporting children and young people with their social and emotional wellbeing as it strongly influences how well they do at school.

Good social, emotional and psychological health protects children and young people against emotional and behavioural problems, which can strongly influence academic achievement.

In consultation with your establishment, we provide a bespoke, creative package using a range of interventions adopting a whole system approach (pupils, parents, teachers and other support staff) to promote good social and emotional wellbeing.


NICE guidelines (March 2008; September 2009) identify key areas of recommendation to promote social and emotional wellbeing within educational settings. Our team of clinical psychologists, mental health nurses and learning disability nurses are experienced at working across a wide range of mainstream and specialist education provisions.

We are able to provide a package of care which aims to meet these government recommendations in respect to promoting the social and emotional resiliency of the whole school system. Our specialist team can offer in-depth support in a range of areas including:

  • Recognising and understanding children and young people’s social and emotional needs including anxiety and depression
  • Assessment to support diagnosis and management of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD
  • Understanding attachment theory and the impact of trauma across all areas of functioning including educational attainment
  • Conducting and translating assessments into the classroom (mental health, cognitive and risk assessments)
  • Responding to children with multiple, complex needs and those at most risk (or already showing) of problems
  • Assisting liaison with the Local Authority and other external agencies including CAMHS
  • Improving the mental health, behavioural and educational attainment of pupils
  • Providing evidence of Ofsted against school standards

Aspire’s approach of early intervention and prevention aims to increase capacity and resilience at all levels of the school system. This leads to improved social, emotional, behavioural and educational outcomes for all children including children with special needs and those within the care system.

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