Looked After Children

img_2419For those that work with and care for children including parents, foster carers, social workers, teachers and other teams of professionals we can offer training, consultation and supervision services where our associates will share their extensive knowledge on child and adolescent mental health and development.

We will work with you and your organisation to ensure that a bespoke package is developed, delivered and evaluated to meet your specific requirements.

  • In support of new NICE Guidelines on Children’s Attachment (2015), our professionals and experts in the field of attachment and trauma, can deliver evidence based direct interventions (group and individual), to children and young people to build their resilience and help them to begin to overcome the impact of their traumatic early experiences on their behaviour, self-esteem and emotional and social development
  • Providers who offer care for looked after children need a clear theory and philosophy that guides practice, focusing on the fine detail of children’s needs and ways of addressing them (National Centre for Excellence in Residential Childcare). We will promote attachment informed care and the importance of developing secure attachments with caregivers to help young people recover, and increase the longevity and stability of placements
  • We will provide specialist support and training to enhance the professionalism of staff teams and carers to allow them to represent the organisation and articulate the needs of the young person in the professional arenaquote-06
  • By supporting professionals, staff teams and foster carers in an inclusive and collaborative manner, we can enhance their ability to work confidently, effectively and consistently with the young people in their care and ensure that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to respond appropriately to their needs (Statutory guidance on promoting the health and wellbeing of looked after children, 2009)
  • Through ongoing regular, high quality training in the core areas identified by the NICE Guidelines (recommendation 36), we can prepare professionals, foster carers and adoptive parents for the challenges involved in looking after children and young people with attachment difficulties, the likely impact upon them and their family, and enhance staff knowledge, skills and motivation to provide the highest quality of care possible for the young people
  • We would provide a clear audit trail of the psychological input for Ofsted, funders and other key stakeholders to demonstrate compliance
  • Our expert advice, consultation and training can support professionals, staff teams, homes and foster carers to provide safe and stable placements which can be maintained even through the range of challenges young people encounter
  • Our service will add value to your service and evidence good practice to meet requirements of NICE Guidelines, Ofsted and guidance detailed in the National Minimum Standards for Care Homes

We are able to provide an opportunity for preventative, early assessment, care planning and intervention through regular planned visits to the homes and foster carers and ongoing monitoring of emotional, behavioural, social and developmental progress (NICE Guidelines 2015:Childrens’ Attachment).

quote-03How can Aspire Psychological Services Ltd. support you, your family or your organisation?

Consultation and Training

In accordance with NICE Guidelines (2010 and 2015), our team of experts are able to offer training and consultancy designed to give families and professionals better understanding of the impact of mental health issues, trauma and loss upon the children and young people with whom they work with and care for.


  • Formulation based discussion, developing carers and professionals knowledge and understanding of the complex needs of their young person and the impact of their adverse childhood experiences, mental health and development disorders, on their everyday functioning and wellbeing
  • Supporting teams with developing person centred care plans and support packages including risk assessments
  • Supporting teams to develop strategies and interventions to be used on a day to day basis


Aspire Psychological Services can offer training, support and supervision in a range of settings. Within our team we have an extensive knowledge base from which we can develop, deliver and evaluate high quality generic and bespoke training.

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img_2420Therapeutic Services

Our associates are specialised in working with children and young people who are experiencing trauma and attachment difficulties, and we offer a number of services targeted at supporting and optimising the fostering, residential and adoption process.

We also offer therapeutic services to families and educational establishments who are seeking support for their children and teenagers who may be experiencing difficulties either at home or at school.

We are able to offer a range of assessments in order to establish the nature of emotional, behavioural, social and cognitive difficulties, and to facilitate person centred care planning, including:

  • Psychological and emotional needs including risk
  • Attachment needs and difficulties
  • Cognitive functioning

Following the comprehensive, young person centred assessment, our experts will work closely with professionals, parents and carers to suggest the most appropriate treatment plan which is intended to address the child or young person's individual needs. We are able to offer a range of individual and group therapeutic interventions for the young person, family and carers.

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