Psychological Assessment / Expert witness

Psychological Assessment

The team at Aspire has a wide range of experience in psychological assessment, formulation and development of intervention plans including risk assessments, for children and young people in order to establish the nature of emotional, behavioural, social and cognitive difficulties and to facilitate person centred care planning.

We work closely with the child/young person and the wider system in conducting assessments drawing on a range of standardised tools and measures to provide a holistic assessment of the individual’s needs and presenting difficulties. We believe strongly in promoting a shared understanding of the individual and a united, preventative approach to their recovery and development.quote-05

We are also able to complete assessments to ascertain the nature of a range of difficulties including:

  • Attachment related difficulties, trauma and PTSD
  • cognitive and neuropsychological assessments
  • assessment of children and adolescents with social and communication difficulties, developmental delay and ASD
  • Emotional related difficulties including anxiety and low-mood/depression

Medicolegal Assessments

The team at Aspire are able to provide child and adolescent medico legal assessments, report writing services and private treatment for a range of conditions such as trauma and emotional difficulties following injury.

Aspire’s medicolegal assessment/treatment reports include structured clinical interviews with the child/young person and their family and draws on a range of specifically selected psychometric materials.

All our assessments and reports take into consideration relevant research and literature in the field and make recommendations in keeping with evidence based practice.