quote-01Aspire Psychological Services can offer training, support and supervision in a range of settings. Within our team we have an extensive knowledge base from which we can develop, deliver and evaluate high quality generic and bespoke training.

We offer a wide and varying range of courses and workshops to a far reaching audience including:

  • Kim Golding Nurturing Attachments Training Programme (10-12 weeks)
  • Overview and introduction to attachment theory and trauma (1/2-1 day session)
  • Positive Behaviour Support (1/2 day introductory session)
  • Therapeutic Parenting including PACE (1/2 day session)
  • Supporting children with the adoption process (1/2 day session)
  • Understanding and supporting children who self-harm (1/2 day session)
  • Understanding mental health (1/2 day session)
  • Supporting children and young people who have developmental disorders including ADHD and Autism (1/2-1 day)
  • Supporting children and young people who have a diagnosis of Autism (1/2-1 day)
  • quote-02Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Workshop (1/2-1 day)
  • Mindfulness (1/2 day taster session)
  • The Teenage Brain (1/2 day session)
  • Re-enactment and the complex dynamics of relationships with traumatised children (1/2 day session)
  • Helping children to move on (1/2 day session)

This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.