These (individual therapy) sessions are extremely well structured and it is clear that the needs and welfare of the children are paramount to Aspire as they hold these sessions in a way that demonstrates a totally child centered approach. The sessions are also extremely helpful for us as carers.

Independent Agency Foster Carer,

Sessions were held at home which made B feel less anxious. From the outset he felt understood, even admitting negative things about himself and his reasons for holding onto his anxiety. It made him aware of his own feelings and how to deal with them.


The therapist listened to me and understood my problem. She helped me. I am getting better now.

Young Person ,

I can open up properly in my sessions with the psychologist.

Young Person in Residential Care,

Aspire shows a commitment way above any expectations when it comes to supporting the needs of children in an educational setting… without their knowhow and professional status, we would find this to be an almost impossible task.

Independent Agency Foster Carer,

Delivery is pitched to all levels and the trainer has excellent knowledge.

Residential Worker ,

The Kim Golding Training has strengthened my empathy and nurturing … and enhanced my ‘toolkit’ in helping young people to identify and cope with traumatic experiences.

Deputy Homes Manager ,

The Nurturing Attachments Training has helped me to see ‘in between the lines’ with behaviour.

Residential Worker,

The Aspire team help myself and the staff team to have a clearer understanding of strategies which enables us to support young people and build positive attachments with them. I feel this has enabled and empowered the staff team to have a more informative understanding and changed their approach in how they support the young people.

Residential Homes Manager ,

Excellent consultation, advice and support; always has time to discuss in detail any issues raised and able to respond to queries about the young person’s behaviour and strategies.

Senior Residential Worker ,

The service is very accessible. The team are always helpful and prompt in providing support.

Deputy Homes Manager ,

They (Aspire’s team) have given us an endless amount of valuable support and professional advice/help that we have taken on board and used to help the children in our care. They understand people and especially in our case, children and show an absolute commitment to helping them achieve the best possible outcomes in their lives.

Independent Agency Foster Carer,

Aspire and Dr Hill provides our agency with exceptional support, guidance and training. We value  their input which has greatly enhanced our services to our young people and Foster Carers. Don't know how we managed before without Dr Hill!

Managing Director Independent Fostering Agency,

It has helped me have a better understanding and knowledge of the young people I support and also be more empathetic

Residential Worker,

I have partaken in a lot of training over the years but none have been as relevant as this is in my role as a foster carer. Well planned and well facilitated by Dr Hill

Foster Carer,

We have gained more confidence in how to implement theory and better understand how to react according to the young person’s needs.

Foster Carer,

Our carers are greatly benefiting from the training that Dr Hill is providing them regarding therapeutic parenting and subsequently, so are our young people. As an agency we pride ourselves on having high expectations and standards, putting service before growth and Dr Hill and Aspire Psychological Services have greatly complemented this ethos.

Marie-Rose Gregg, Director of Beta Foster Care

Dr Hill’s direct work and the work of her colleagues is supporting our company in the achievement of excellent outcomes for our children and young people, our regulatory grading and evaluation from OFSTED and CQC, and overall commercial performance….she is thoughtful, warm and person centred in her work with the children and young people, staff and management which makes working with her easy and a pleasure.

Niall Kelly, Managing Director, Young Foundations Limited